Goat (Malang)


Our signature Qurban and ‘Aqiqah service for several years, as it has been one of the most competitive pricing in Singapore. In fact, the price has not been changed for the past three years.

This project is managed by our long-time partner, LMI Malang, an Indonesian non-governmental organisation, and supervised by Perdaus.

The goats will be sacrificed in Malang, East Java on Eidul Adha and the Days of Tashriq. Meat and other parts of the goat will be distributed to the poor and needy families in various villages.

Part of the proceeds from the Perdaus Qurban and ‘Aqiqah project will be channeled to da’wah efforts and humanitarian work for our youth development programmes.

Instructions for ordering:

  1. Please insert the name of the person for the ‘Ibadah in the text field below, and
  2. Indicate if it is Qurban or ‘Aqiqah.

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