Sheep (Australia)


Our newest offering for Qurban and ‘Aqiqah this year, alhamdulillah. This is the first time that Perdaus is partnering with Alqudsi Agribusiness to provide for a growing demand.

The sheep will be slaughtered in Australia on Eidul Adha.

You will receive the meat 7 to 8 days after Eidul Adha, as it will be processed, frozen and and shipped to Singapore from Australia, straight to your doorstep. The carcass will be cut into 12 portions and will be weighing approximately 17-20 kg. Arrangements will be made with Alqudsi to service this.

All of these delivered meat are from the sheep that you had ordered, and would have not been distributed to anyone else.

Part of the proceeds from the Perdaus Qurban and ‘Aqiqah project will be channeled to da’wah efforts and humanitarian work for our youth development programmes.

Instructions for ordering:

  1. Please insert the name of the person for the ‘Ibadah in the text field below, and
  2. Indicate if it is Qurban or ‘Aqiqah.

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There will be no extra charges for bank transfer and cheque payments.

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